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Hot Water


Hot water is an integral part of any household. It’s used often without a second thought yet when it runs out, those warm baths become cold and dishes washed in cold water don’t seem quite as clean. We carry on-demand to ensure your next dishwasher load runs at whichever temperature it requires and the shower can run simultaneously.

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On Demand

We are supremely proud of the Rinnai brand we stock for the busy lives of our customers. On-demand tanks, also known as tankless water heaters, allow you to complete more than one water-demanding task at a time. You can forget fighting over hot water - they not only provide constant access to warm (or hot) water, they also cut your ecological footprint in half!

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Standard Water Tanks – Gas & Electric

Gas water heaters are typically less expensive to operate than electric. However, if you do not have access to natural gas, electric is your other option. From comfort to cleaning, hot water is an essential part of a home, and installing a quality hot water tank means you can have access to hot water when you need it.

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Contact us today to find out which hot water options are best for you and your home!

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