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Although your furnace may not be top of mind, you do expect your home to be comfortable. Air is heated by burning gas, oil or wood. It is then circulated throughout your home. Whether you are looking to update your current house or build a new home, we carry a selection of furnaces you can count on.

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Once your furnace detects that the temperature of your home has dropped below the preset level, it “kicks in”. Burners light up and a fan turns on to push warm air throughout your home.


Before air is moved through your house, it is passed through an air filter. We carry these filters to purify the air in your home. Be sure to change them regularly based on their manufacturers’ specifications. Come by to get your replacement filters at Fraser!

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Wood & Electric

An electric furnace is similar to a conventional gas forced-air furnace except that it produces heat with electric heating elements instead of gas burners. Wood furnaces use wood to heat an element that air is blown across.


To ensure the comfort of our customers, we also carry air conditioning units for both domestic and commercial applications. Let us know how we can assist you in cooling your space today!

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Garage Heaters

A garage heater is an easy, reliable way to make your garage more usable and comfortable. Getting in or out of your car on cold days is much more comfortable when your garage is toasty warm. Your vehicle’s engine will thank you too!

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Give us a call or email if you are looking to book a maintenance appointment!

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