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The sizzling smokey scent of a barbeque never goes out of season here at Fraser. If you prefer your food cooked low and slow or if you would rather have some sizzle in your life, we can make sure you have all the tools you need to create some delicious food - and some great memories.

A Pit Boss BBQ with chickens inside

Charcoal BBQs

We proudly carry the Big Green Egg, a grill, oven and smoker in seven different sizes.


Charcoal barbecues take about 15-20 minutes to get the coals ready for grilling. Producing the well-loved grilled flavour most commonly associated with charcoal barbeques, they give a great sear and deep smoky flavour.

Big Green Egg logo

Pellet Grills

A quick and easy-to-start choice, a pellet grill burns hardwood pellets, occasionally flavoured, that are made from wood scraps. Wood pellets are fed into an auger which is powered by electricity. Pellet barbecues are far less messy than charcoal and offer a genuinely full-bodied hardwood flavour. These units are also good smokers!

Pit Boss logo
Fraser plumbing and Heating featuring the Big Green Egg

Come down to the showroom to learn more and check out our great selection of BBQ options.

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